Sheldon Christiaan

Sheldon Christiaan



ID  100520 

SALSATION  Elite Instructor 

ROOTZ  Basic Instructor 

CHOREOLOGY  Elite Instructor 

Hello my name is Sheldon and I am the SALSATION and CHOREOLOGY by Salsation Master Trainer for the Netherlands.

Sheldon Christiaan was Born in CuraƧao... moved to a jung age to The Netherlands to Study and continue his carrier as aa Athlete.

After some getting injured he decided to hang up his track and field Shoes and discovered one night the world of dancing, when he went out to a dance Club and decide to start dancing.

He discovered the world freestyle dancing, but he was not satisfied, after a couple of years Sheldon decide to go to a dance school to learn more about dancing. here he discovered the World of Dance Choreography.

After a couple of years dancing in the back of the class, his teacher told him that he needs to prepare him self to take over his classes due to performances outside Europe

This put him in a situation he did not expected suddenly he was the teacher of his Dance Buddies and needed to show them why the Dance Teacher choose him above the others...

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