METHOD Workshop with Nanna, Kami & Yoyo, Venue, Odense - Denmark, 27 January 2024

SALSATION® is a fun and addictive, functional dance workout!


Nanna Jelbert / Master Trainer

Kamila Wierzyńska / Master Trainer

Yoandro Ulloa Hechavarria / Master Trainer


In person: OSF/OASK - Rugårdsvej 15a

5000 Odense, Fyn, Denmark

SALSATION® is a fun and addictive, functional dance workout!

This carefully designed 3 hour SALSATION® Method Workshop will allow you to:

-Get introduced to becoming SALSATION® Instructor
-Improve your teaching skills
-Discover Energy (in your classes and playlists)
-Find new ways to connect with your students
-Introduce more advanced choreographies in your class
-Experience the Music on a whole new level
-Learn new way to make dynamic breaks in your teaching for explanations
-Introduce you to the SALSATION® method regardless your familiarity to the program

If you are not a SALSATION® instructor yet, this is your opportunity to gain an insight of the unique methodology we use to teach SALSATION®. Use this workshop as an introducing to becoming a SALSATION® instructor and gain the benefit of becoming familiar to the methodology early in your journey. 

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We look forward to see you! 
Kami, Yoyo & Nanna


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