CHOREOGRAPHY FOR EVERYONE Workshop with Alejandro, Kami & Yoyo, Venue, Ilsan - South Korea, 21 October 2022

SALSATION® is a fun and addictive, functional dance workout!


Alejandro Angulo / Master Trainer

Kamila Wierzyńska / Master Trainer

Yoandro Ulloa Hechavarria / Master Trainer


In person: KINTEX Exhibition building 2 - 217-60 Kintex-ro

10390 Ilsan, Goyang- si, Korea

SALSATION® is a fun and addictive, functional dance workout!



With our philosophy, way of teaching and creating choreographies we create a learning environment in our classes giving both beginners and advanced students a flavored experience which is not only fun and easy to follow but that will also teach you more than what you knew before attending the class. 

We will be teaching you choreographies that surely will become a hit at any class and anywhere.

In this Workshop you will learn: 

- Choreographies that will lit your classes

- Understand how we make it possible to join beginners and advanced students in the same class

- The philosophy behind how everyone will enjoy themselves regardless their level of experience

- Learn about why we say “If there is no learning, there is not teaching”

- Much, much more!

Not everyone can create a choreography that will apply to beginner students and advanced dancers.

Join us for an educational, fun and adventurous dance fitness experience with the workshop, CHOREOGRAPHY FOR EVERYONE.


DATE: 21st October 2022

TIME: 11:00 - 14:00

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