Manuela Bovo

Manuela Bovo



ID  116420 

SALSATION  Elite Instructor 

ROOTZ  Basic Instructor 

I am in love with Dance in all its forms, for me Dance is the highest expression of body and soul, it is a complete escape from the preoccupations and stresses of day to day life.

I have experimented with different types of Dance and at 22 I began to dance Caribbean Style Salsa, where I enthusiastically participated in competitions and contests.

After embarking on the path of teaching various pre-choreographed fitness programs for adults and children, in 2018 I finally discovered that dance itself could effectively combine with fitness to amplify its benefits... in a nutshell I discovered Salsation Fitness.

We dance for physical fitness. We dance for mental clarity. We dance for emotional stability...

For me, Salsation is like putting your heart into a song and leaving it there for the whole duration of the song itself.

I love teaching Salsation because it gives me the privilege to inspire and see growth in the people that come to the class, creating a genuine relationship sharing the passion of dance together.

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