SALSATION® KID Instructor training with Manuel, Venue, Vila do Conde - Portugal, 19 May 2024


Instructor training

Manuel Goiana / Master Trainer


In person: Meraki Dance Studio - Rua de Vila Boa Nº 810

4485-251 Vila do Conde, Guilhabreu, Portugal



The training for SALSATION® Kid is finally here!

We are proud to present this new instructor training. You can join this training both if you are new to SALSATION® and if you are already an existing SALSATION® instructor. 
Your time has come to become a SALSATION® Kid Instructor!

What is SALSATION® Kid?

The training is here for you to learn how to teach SALSATION® to kids using the unique SALSATION® methodology and all of the philosophies to create fun and engaging classes, making the music into a playground for the kids to explore.

Join this 1 day training and receive the principles that makes SALSATION® Kid classes successful and get ready to start your own classes!

Feel the difference!

Take your passion to teach kids to the next level!

Join us and become a SALSATION® Kid Instructor!


The SALSATION® Troupe:

Joining this course is an opportunity for you to get all the knowledge of SALSATION® and what is to be a SALSATION® instructor.

After the training you choose your monthly or yearly TROUPER subscription plan to the active community membership.

This provides you with multiple benefits alongside with the allowance to use the logo and brand.

The Troupe gives you automatic renewal of license + benefits such as:

- Marketing materials + tutorials

- Trouper events only

- Trouper Talk with the Founder and key people within SALSATION®

- Trouper discounts on wear and events

- A platform called "My Pathway" exclusively for the Trouper community only

- Exclusive Trouper email contact access for your service and support

This community is vital for you to start teaching within the brand but it also welcomes all SALSATION® lovers, who might not teach right away, but want to take part in these benefits of discounts, personal development panels and much, much more.

You can choose a monthly payment plan for only 15 euro

Or a yearly for 180 euro.

After the training is successfully completed you go to INSTRUCTOR AREA - MY PROFILE - you accept the Terms and Conditions and then you scroll to the bottom to choose your plan.
Your License will not be fully activated until you subscribe to the membership.


The email and information submitted with this form will not be used for any email marketing, 3rd party communications nor will Salsation® Fitness sell this information to 3rd parties. This information will be used solely for responding to your Support issues.