Kamila Wierzyńska

Kamila Wierzyńska



ID  101707 

SALSATION  Master Trainer 

ROOTZ  Master Trainer 

CHOREOLOGY  Master Trainer 

MOVE FOREVER  Basic Instructor 

I'm the SALSATION® Master Trainer for South Korea.

I am also CHOREOLOGY by Salsation® and ROOTZ by Salsation® Master Trainer. 

Sharing my love for all SALSATION Fitness® programs on regular classes, Master Classes, Workshops and Instructor Trainings!

Professional Ballroom Dancer, Finalist of the biggest dance competition around the world (Japan, Australia, Philippines, Russia, Spain )

My dance career started really early in KIDS DANCE ACADAMY. From this moment I started to live for my dancing dream.

From 2015 I totally felt in love with SALSATION® concept and started to travel around the world. I was the lucky one taking the first every Instructor Training with Alejandro Angulo in the world. My life started to be SALSATIONal. Soon after I become Elite Instructor and than Elite Trainer and now I am blessed to continue my passion as SALSATION, ROOTZ and CHOREOLOGY Master Trainer.

I am always happy to learn and keep working on my skills. totally inspired by Alejandro philosophy and believes!

SALSATION Fitness® programs give possibility to grow, does not matter on which level you are. Open your heart, ears and eyes - FEEL IT ❤️

Sharing my passion with my amazing partner YOANDRO Ulloa.

follow us @salsationkamiyoyo

and let's keep growing together!


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