Jani Roman Sufan

Jani Roman Sufan



ID  106238 

SALSATION  Basic Instructor 

ROOTZ  Basic Instructor 

I am peruvian but currently living in Múnich, Germany. Dancing have been my passion for a very long time and I have been doing it alongside my studies and profession.

I started dancing in 2005 in a small dance school for bellydance in Lima where I took clases for 5 years. At some point of those years I became a member of the ballet of the school to performed group and solo coreographies.

In 2010 I decided to extend my dancing knowledge and became a student at Escuela D1, one of the most recognized dance schools in Lima. During 2 years I had the chance to learn Jazz Dance, Theater Jazz and achieved the intermediate level in Sexy Dance and Hip Hop.

After D1 I wanted to try musical theater and took part of two workshops. Learning and performing acting, dancing and singing on a stage was challenging but gratifying experience.

I stop dancing for 2 years while I was doing my master in tourism in Cologne, Germany. But in 2017 when I moved to Munich, Salsation came into my life and I fell in love with it.

I became a Salsation instructor in december 2017 and since then I have been attending to different workshops, masterclasses and Salsation Blasts. In 2019 I started teaching regular Salsation classes. I am dedicated to constantly learn as much as I can and improve in order to give my best in class.

Additional info:
- I speak also Spanish and German (currently learning Italian)

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