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SALSATION® is not just any dance fitness company, we are a community of inspired people and professionals, dedicated to bringing happiness and personal empowerment through a unique and uplifting dance workout experience.

In everything we do, passion is what unifies us, defines us and moves us! The way we engage and connect with our people and our community is at the very core of what SALSATION® is.

The name SALSATION® comes from the words ‘salsa’ (hot spicy sauce) and ‘sensation’. The combination of an eclectic mix of different rhythms, cultures, dances and fitness protocols (the Salsa) and the feeling you get from the program’s strong focus on musicality, lyrical expression and feel good effects from the functional moves on your body (the Sensation) = SALSATION®.

Ready to move and be moved? Salsation Fitness is here to do just that!